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Our Curriculum Intent for Langton Primary School

At Langton, we believe in Education for Life. We see our children thrive in our caring small village school set in a beautiful location on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Our aim is to ensure our children have aspirations and are well prepared for the future – to move into adult life with confidence in order to be part of the national and global community. Likewise, we make the most of our local environment and encourage parental and community engagement. Through this, we nurture their personal characteristics such as strength, resilience and enthusiasm for learning. We teach an engaging topic-based curriculum which provides opportunities for ALL our children to experience the world beyond the classroom – to share life experiences and gain an understanding of cultural diversity in an ever-changing world.

To see a full breakdown of our Geography Curriculum, please select Geography Curriculum Breakdown

Intent of the Geography Curriculum

  • Ensure the National & EYFS Curriculum for Geography & Knowledge and Understanding of the World is implemented across the school and is designed and taught effectively to demonstrate progress.
  • An extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary. (skills, understanding & application)
  • An excellent understanding of how human and physical environments are interrelated.
  • Highly developed fieldwork and mapping and relate this to ensuring children have access to maps, atlas and globe in their work
  • An interest and curiosity for finding out about the world and people who live there.
  • An awareness of current issues in the environment (locally, nationally and global)
  • Carry out a local Geographical study and compare to an alternative location so developing excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like.
  • Cross curricular links and ensure children have access to maps, atlas and globe.


Implementation of the Geography Curriculum

  • We have designed and implemented a variety of topics to ensure coverage and create a carefully planned and tailored curriculum that is engaging and interesting to the children in school
  • Topics are linked to the National Curriculum but are also to the interests of the children in school and the skills and knowledge they are required to cover
  • Planning is differentiated sometimes by year groups in our mixed aged classes or through outcome and expectations
  • Specific vocabulary teaching within lessons and developed through the specific knowledge organisers.
  • Speech and language opportunities are supported through computing, presentation and other cross curricula approaches
  • We aim to use a variety of maps, plans, photos and pictures including ordnance survey and digital maps
  • Ensure that resources / classroom displays support the learning of all children.
  • Children have the opportunity to explore the local environment and develop field work skills.
  • Ensure that children have an understanding of the local, national (British Values) and global environment and community


Impact of the Geography Curriculum

  • Children will develop contextual knowledge of globally significant places, both land and sea.
  • Children will understand how the geographical features of the world can vary and change over time.
  • Children will be able to collect and analyse data following field work.
  • Children will learn to read and interpret maps, globes etc.
  • Children will gain a deeper knowledge of their community.
  • All children make good or strong progress.
  • All pupils will be confident and resilient learners.
  • An understanding and tolerance of diversity in our community and the world.