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Our Curriculum Intent for Langton Primary School

At Langton, we believe in Education for Life. We see our children thrive in our caring small village school set in a beautiful location on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Our aim is to ensure our children have aspirations and are well prepared for the future – to move into adult life with confidence in order to be part of the national and global community. Likewise, we make the most of our local environment and encourage parental and community engagement. Through this, we nurture their personal characteristics such as strength, resilience and enthusiasm for learning. We teach an engaging topic-based curriculum which provides opportunities for ALL our children to experience the world beyond the classroom – to share life experiences and gain an understanding of cultural diversity in an ever-changing world.

Intent of the Music Curriculum

  • To improve the access of all children to music and musical activity.
  • To further raise the profile of music within the school.
  • To ensure the teaching and learning of music in all classes is at least good.
  • To encourage children to be creative in all they do.
  • To use music as a form of mindfulness
  • To develop a rapidly widening repertoire which they use to create original, imaginative and distinctive composing and performance work.
  • A musical understanding underpinned by high aural perception, knowledge of music and a developing level of technical expertise.
  • Very good awareness of musical traditions, styles and genres.
  • The ability to give precise explanations, using musical terminology.
  • A passion for and commitment to a diverse range of musical activities.


Implementation of the Music Curriculum

  • Medium and short term planning completing the National Curriculum Programme of study.
  • Cornerstone topic used as a basis for planning with specifics from Music Express
  • Planning is differentiated by year groups in our mixed age classes and where appropriate consolidates skills,
  • Specific vocabulary teaching within lessons.
  • Peripatetic teachers available for individual lessons e.g. violin, piano, guitar
  • Key stage productions that focus on singing.
  • Weekly singing in assembly for whole school.
  • Choir formed for celebration and special events
  • Emphasis on musical composers and styles as assembly theme
  • Staff CPD offered (singing workshop)
  • Bi-annual talent contest where musical singing and performance is actively encouraged


Impact of the Music Curriculum

  • All children make good or better progress.
  • Confident, independent and resilient learners.
  • Rich vocabulary that reflects their learning.
  • Children have a strong understanding of diversity in the world.
  • Children know a range of aspirational career choices.
  • Improved teaching of musical concepts.
  • All children sing in assembly and all have access to choir when appropriate too.
  • Increased opportunities to sing as a group and work as a team.
  • Music and musical themes are planned and implemented across the curriculum and wider school
  • Staff continue to familiarise themselves with the curriculum and receive ‘upskilling’ via staff meeting CPD.
  • The six units; Pulse, pitch, rhythm, structure, mood and musical elements are repeated year through the scheme year 1-6.
  • Children perform their instruments at special events
  • Children of all abilities are encouraged to be ambitious and take part in bi-annual contests or celebrations.