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Foss Class Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2022

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a fantastic Easter break. This term Mrs McAfee will continue to teach on a Monday afternoon and Mrs C will teach on Tuesday morning. With Year Two children sitting SATs throughout May, please ensure that your child is in school as much as possible throughout the first half term so that they do not miss these statutory tests. Topic

This half term, we’re taking a trip to the past to discover what life was like at the time when we were born with our Memory Box topic. We will invite our relatives along to a Teddy Bear’s picnic, so we can ask questions about their childhood and observe how younger children play and move. We’ll also find out how babies change and grow over time. Thinking about our childhoods, we’ll use photos and objects from the past to help us remember special times including weddings and christenings. We’ll talk about our families and share happy memories of people or pets who are no longer alive. Learning about the days, weeks and months of the year will help us to work out how long we will have to wait for our birthdays to arrive! We’ll decide how objects from the past were used and have fun learning games, songs and dances from bygone days.

After half term, we will begin Coastline topic. In the Coastline project, your child will use maps to learn about the location of the world’s seas and oceans and keys to learn about map symbols. They will also find out about the directions on a compass. They will learn about the human and physical features of a coastline, including the effects of erosion and how to stay safe when visiting the coast. They will research the tourism industry and consider what features make a place a successful tourist destination. At the end of term will be putting all these skills to use with a visit to Flamborough to investigate the features of the coast.


This half term, alongside reading traditional tales such as Goldilocks and Jack and the Bean Stalk, we will be writing invitations to our Teddy Bear’s picnic and creating mnemonics to help us remember how to spell tricky words. After half term we will be writing adventure stories featuring lighthouse keepers, persuasive letters and descriptive texts about the coast.


Over the next term we are investigating measurement including time, capacity, weight and length & height. We will do this by making and baking scones, timing races and measuring our heights. We will also be looking at statistics with Mrs C on a Tuesday morning.


Our Science work is linked to the class topic work. For the first half term we will be studying senses and talking about how people develop from babies into adults. After half term we will be learning the parts of a plant as well as planting a variety of seeds and beans to observe how they grow.

Forest School & Outside Learning

This term sees the return of fairer weather and our Outdoor Learning sessions on a Friday Afternoon. This term will be exploring Langton using maps, den building, learning Victorian playground games and making our own coastal towns with water and sand. Please send your child with appropriate footwear for these sessions. Children may wish to use trainers from their P.E. kits or bring in welly boots.


P.E. will be on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. Mr Cairns will be teaching P.E. on Mondays, and this will be outside as much as possible. Please ensure that your child has a water bottle with them and is wearing sun cream as the weather gets hotter. On Thursday afternoons, we will be learning folk dances from around the world and taking part in gymnastics sessions.

As always, I am always happy to help with any questions you may have or matters you need to discuss. You can send me an email ( or find me before or after school for a quick conversation.

Kind Regards,

Miss Oscroft