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Ouse Class Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2023

Dear Parents,

A big welcome back to everyone in Ouse Class! I hope everyone had a nice rest after their hard work during the Autumn Term and had a happy Christmas and New Year!


This term we will be linking our English work to our Topics of ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ in the first half term, and ‘Road Trip USA’ in the second half term.

This half term, children will explore shape poetry and write calligrams about mountains, exploring personification, similes and metaphors to create imagery. They will research and learn about the Himalayan mountains and the Adi tribespeople who call it home. Using what they have learned, the children will write non-chronological reports using sub-headings and pictures to organise and improve their work. Throughout this topic, we will also be reading a class story called ‘The Man who Bought a Mountain,’ using it to help us explore description in our own writing.

In the second half of this term, our topic ‘Road Trip USA!’ see children researching key places in America and using what we have learned to write postcards, emails and diary entries. As we explore Native American culture, the children will also explore some Myths and Legends; planning, drafting and writing one of their own based on themes from the culture.

Through our Grammar sessions this term the children will continue to have a focus on using speech marks and apostrophes as well as explore and use prepositions, determiners, homophones and adverbs.

Children will continue to cover Spelling and phonics (where applicable) in discrete lessons. Spelling tests will be on a Friday. Please make sure you child has their yellow spelling book in school on this day, as we complete our tests in the back.


We will begin this term by focusing on mental multiplication and division, before building on these skills to help with written methods. The children will learn to solve multi step problems before moving on to studying fractions. This will involve finding fractions of quantities, adding and subtracting fractions, finding equivalent fractions and mixed numbers. Year 4 will then move on to explore decimals and the relationship between fractions and decimals, whilst Year 3 explore Mass and Capacity. We will finish up the term focusing on length and perimeter.

Times tables are a key focus in LKS2 throughout the year, particularly with the Year 4 Multiplication Check coming up in June. Children will continue to have times tables tests with Mrs Bowman on Friday’s throughout the term and I ask you to encourage your child to practise these at home as much as possible. Children are encouraged to use TT Rockstars to improve their confidence and speed with times tables and you can find the log in at the front of their Reading Record.


As mentioned above, our topics for this term will be ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ in the first half term and ‘Road Trip USA’ in the second. This term we will develop our mapping skills, by exploring ordinance and contour maps, explore and research famous mountain ranges of the world as well as the famous peaks of the UK. We will develop our art skills by creating beautiful mountainscapes and making mountain models from clay.

Next term, our road trip will see us ‘visiting’ the sites where Native Americans settled and explore landmarks and places of interest in New York, through books, maps and the internet. After learning about their cultural significance, we’ll weave beautiful dreamcatchers. We will explore traditional dishes of the different states learn about famous icons from the United states. We will develop our sewing skills when creating a stars and stripes themed piece with Mrs C.

On this note, I know Mrs C has already asked is anyone is free in the latter half of this term to help with sewing on Monday afternoons, please get in touch as any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mrs Huntriss will continue to teach Science on Tuesday afternoons. The focus of the sessions during the first half term will first be ‘Light’, where children will learn about different light sources, how light is reflected and how shadows are formed and changed. In the second half of the term, the topic will be ‘Sound’. This will include identifying how sounds are made and how these sounds are detected by the ear. The children will look for patterns in pitch and volume and how distance affects sound travel.


Our first Computing topic for this half term will be ‘Spreadsheets’ and will see the children learn how to create charts using tables and computer software. We will then move onto ‘Email and Email Safety’ where children will learn about staying safe while using the Email facility on their Purple Mash account. Finally, we will end the term by developing our touch-typing skills.

Your child will have a login for Purple Mash in their reading records if you wish to explore this further at home. There may also be other homework tasks set on this platform throughout the term, which you will be notified of by email.

RE will be on a Thursday afternoon and our topics for this term will aim to answer the questions: ‘Why are festivals important to religious communities?’ and ‘What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?’

PE will be on Thursdays with Mr Cairns and Fridays with Mr Walker. Please make sure children have their PE kit in school on these days.


Children will learn French with Madame Conroy and I on Friday afternoons throughout the year. Our first topic will be called ‘Je Peux…’ and will focus on activities.


Children will receive homework on a Friday and it should be brought back into school on a Wednesday, unless it is a Topic homework, which children have 2 weeks to complete. Children who do not bring homework to school on time will complete it during Wednesday lunchtime.

Sometimes Maths homework will be set on Mathletics. Children can find the log in for this at the front of their Reading Records. They are encouraged to complete any additional Mathletics tasks set in their own time to improve their maths fluency.

If you have anything you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me at the class email address .

Kind Regards

Mrs R. Dale