Wider Curriculum and Active Learning – Autumn Term Rye Class

Rye class have been looking at the topics ‘A Child’s War’ and ‘Fallen Fields’.

Prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques.

Find and make popular wartime foods. Collect and preserve fruits, make jam, pickles, eggless sponge cake, Woolton pie, apple crumble and spam fritters. Find out what children might have eaten during the course of a single week.

In Rye class we completed cooking recipes for breakfast (pancakes and oats), lunch (eggless sponge and potato cakes) and tea (bubble and squeak and spam fritters). We had to measure and convert imperial measurements and look at how to cook without certain ingredients due to rationing. We also looked at the propaganda posters from the 1940’s connected with food and farming.