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Art and Design

Our Curriculum Intent for Langton Primary School

At Langton, we believe in Education for Life. We see our children thrive in our caring small village school set in a beautiful location on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Our aim is to ensure our children have aspirations and are well preparedfor the future – to move into adult life with confidence in order to be part of the national and global community. Likewise, we make the most of our local environment and encourage parental and community engagement. Through this, we nurture their personal characteristics such as strength, resilienceand enthusiasm for learning. We teach an engaging topic-based curriculum which provides opportunities for ALL our children to experience the world beyond the classroom – to share life experiencesand gain an understanding of cultural diversityin an ever-changing world.


Intent of the Art & Design Curriculum 

  • An impressive knowledge and understanding of other artists, craft makers and designers

  • The ability to draw confidently, use visual language skilfully, communicate fluently and explore and invent marks

  • The ability to think and act like creative practitioners by using their knowledge and skills in all they do

  • To develop their creativity and originality

  • A passion and commitment to art

  • To provide children with a range of aspirational choices of future options and careers

  • We want children to have ambitious intentions when planning and creating art

  • Provide opportunity for children to practise and develop skills taught in lessons through play, independent learning and clubs


Implementation of the Art & Design Curriculum 

  • Long term planning is carefully tailored, in a two year cycle, to curriculum topics whilst completing the National Curriculum

  • Programme of Study and Early Learning Goals

  • Specific artistic vocabulary teaching within lessons

  • A wide range of media is available to use creatively and allow creative teaching 

  • Different artists, periods of art and artistic styles will be taught, used and be employed to used in their own work

  • Raise the profile of art within the school by having art clubs, displays, themed weeks and activities

  • Use mindfulness colouring and art as a calming and relaxing tool


Impact of the Art and Design Curriculum

  • All children make good progress or better

  • Children are motivated and confident in creating and investigating artistic styles and techniques 

  • Physical development and dexterity is developed through practising, using and playing with junk modelling, areas of provision and malleable materials

  • Art knowledge and appreciation is developed and shared in class and celebrated in assemblies 

  • To use a rich vocabulary that reflects their learning and shows school and home based learning

  • To use a rich and vibrant vocabulary to express their ideas and views

  • Develop confident, have a go, resilient learners that can express themselves in different forms

  • To have a greater understanding of culture and diversity on a local, national and global scale.

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Langton Primary School

Thank you very much for taking an interest in our school. We believe Langton is a very special school, just on the outskirts of Malton & Norton but with a feel of a rural village school.

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