Dear Parents, Children and families,

A big welcome back to everyone in and connected with Foss Class. We have no real idea of exactly how this term will play out, there are a lot of factors that are beyond our control but we have planned and arranged for what we can. As you should be aware from our whole school correspondence our school day runs from 8.45am until 3.15pm with play and lunchtimes included. The children of Derwent and Foss class will be bubbled together and we will be keeping up with the more intensive toilet, handwashing and cleaning routines. There will also be wrap around care and clubs running over the weeks to come. The first week back will be themed throughout the school as ‘Health and Well Being’ week. This will be a key opportunity to explain and begin the process of settling and re-adjusting to school life. This will take some time as some children have been out of school for a very long time and routines and procedures will be somewhat changed and different. It will be baby steps and we will all get there together over time.

Throughout the course of the term we will be working in a variety of styles, through whole class teaching, individual and group tasks differentiated as appropriate and through areas of provision to play, work and learn thematically but independently.

Our topic for this term is entitled Towers, Turrets and Tunnels, this has strong curriculum links to history and D.T but as always we will be linking all areas of provision and curriculum activities to this theme. One thing I can instantly ask for help with is to collect and reuse cardboard tubes and small boxes (toilet & kitchen roll tubes, crisp tubes and cardboard boxes but avoiding cereal packs) If you have particular allergies we can work to keep a collection solely for your use.

This term through our topic we will be looking at stories with predictable and repetitive language and fairy tales. we will be looking at poetry related to fairy stories. Our non-fiction work will be looking at writing personal recounts, explanations and gathering and writing information texts and reports.
Our individual and guided reading sessions will continue as well as topic and extended reading. Initially for year two’s but year one will also join this as the year continues. These library books may well need more support to be read but they are to broaden and expand reading styles. There will continue to be bug club (Active Learn) reading activities to be used at home and school. We will show and encourage children how to record their reading but we ask any books from home and local libraries are written into reading records. This is a key way we can assess and show a range of reading interests and styles that are not just school based.
In addition we will have a discrete lesson to develop handwriting and another to look at aspects of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Children will continue to have phonics lessons on a daily basis and spelling tests will continue to be on a Friday. Please can you try to have spelling books in school on those days. There will also be spelling, grammar and writing activities through the use of Purple Mash.

Phonic assessments have been outlined nationally and are timetabled to take place in November for year two children.

Show And Tell (Spoken Language)

This term, as we are getting to know one another and bonding as a new class, we are going to base our ‘Show and Tell around the ‘Getting To Know Me Bag’. Some ideas and instructions are on the bag but we ask for it to be fair for everybody that no more than five items are placed in the bag. The children only need to be able to explain and talk about their bag and items for a few minutes and then the rest of the class will have the chance to ask questions. These sessions will take place on a Friday afternoon and the timetable below will let you know when your child’s slot is. We will send all the bags home in the first week and they can come into school on the day of their session or before and stay in lockers until the given day. If an object is very special, expensive or fragile then please use photos instead. They could be emailed to

Week 1 - Mrs Bowman and Mrs. C Sept 11th 

Week 2 - Alfie and Thomas B Sept 18th 

Week 3 - Izzy Francis and Hattie-Mae Sept 25th

Week 4 - Dolly and Poppy Oct 2nd 

Week 5 - Isabelle and Cassie Oct 9th

Week 6 - Alfred & Rowan Oct 16th

Week 7 - Stanley and Henry Oct 23rd

Week 8 - Seb,Ruby and Iris Nov 6th

Week 9 - Scarlett, Skye and Megan Nov 13th

Week 10 - Thomas W, Oliver and Harry Nov 20th

Week 11 - Kenneth, Ziva and Brody Nov 27th

Week 12 - Abi, Joni and Albie Dec 4th

Week 13 - spares Dec 11th

Week 14 Dec 13th

At the beginning of this term we will be recapping on important number work covered last year with place value, number recognition and patterns. Beyond that we will be exploring addition and subtraction, using coins and money, multiplication and through all this we will be investigating, problem solving and looking at different methods and approaches. There will be morning quick fire maths activities to rehearse and keep skills sharp. 

Topic and Wider Curriculum
This term our topic is Towers, Turrets and Tunnels. As home learning books come out at the end of this week you will see an overview and knowledge organiser that outlines key vocabulary, learning ideas and activities. We will direct you to some of these over the course of the term. I am in the process of trying to secure a class visit to the Castle Museum for a castle life workshop and to Clifford’s Tower in York for later in the term.

The wider curriculum will also address in computing issues of online safety, digital literacy and computer science. In R.E we will be looking at faith groups with a particular focus on Islam. Our P.H.S.C.E topics are entitled ‘Me and My Relationships’ and ‘Keeping Myself Safe’.

In Foss class we also undertake outdoor learning activities and forest school styled learning. For this children will often need either wellies, boots or outside trainers. It is not pleasant to be sat in wet socks, tights or shoes so being able to change footwear is a must. We do go out in all sorts of weather and conditions so coats are a must as well. These sessions take place on a Thursday afternoon.

In the teaching of Science this term the children will be studying Living things and their habitats and Materials. For part of this I am on the look out for a farmer who would be willing to be interviewed by the children about growing food and harvesting. We may be able to do this outdoors but I think it may be better for us to write and video our questions and send them off to somebody involved in this line of work. If you are willing to be involved and have experience in this area please drop me an email and let me know.

Other Adults In Class
It is of huge benefit to have a great level of help and support in class this term. Unfortunately, we are not able to have parent and volunteer helpers in school currently, hopefully this will change as the year progresses. Mrs Bowman will be with us for the majority of the week and she will be covering PPA and subject leadership time on a Monday or Friday afternoons. Mrs Gwatkin will be with us to support over lunchtimes and for some afternoon sessions too. Mr Cairns will also be leading some of our P.E sessions.

This will be on a Monday and Thursday afternoons it is really helpful if your child has the correct P.E. kit in school for both indoor and outdoor sessions. Mr Cairns will be teaching P.E. on Monday and this is generally outdoor activities. I will be teaching P.E. on Thursday which is indoor gym work.

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have – as it is much harder to just pop in please send an email and I’ll call you or answer after school if you would like to discuss anything with me.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Kathryn Cummings (Mrs. C.)