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Foss Class This Term

Dear Parents,

A big welcome back to everyone in Class Foss or Pirate class as some of us decided we’d like to be called yesterday. This half term is very short and jam packed as we have an awful lot that needs to be completed. I spoke with many Year 2 parents at our appointments last term about the SAT’s that have to be completed by the end of May. I also highlighted to all Year 1 parents about the phonics screening assessment that is coming up in June. The children just need to see this as any other day or school based activity. We endeavour to keep everything as laid back and relaxed as possible.

This term our main priority initially is writing and we will be completing a number of different ‘Big Write’ tasks on a range of different themes and ideas. In this we are looking at the language of story and the use of sentence structure, paragraphing and developing our vocabulary, use of language, spelling and grammar. We will then undertake studying different text types in both fiction and non-fiction. Specifically we will look at report, explanation and letter writing and in poetry we will be looking at rhymes, limericks and tongue twisters. One of my favourite parts is when we get to undertake an author study; looking at a number of different books by the same writer. Guided Reading will continue in year and class groups and children will continue to bring home reading records, library books and colour band readers. We are more than happy for any books from home to also be written into reading records and be used to supplement the books school has to offer. It is of great help if reading records and books are in school every day.

In addition we will have a discrete lesson to develop handwriting and another to look at aspects of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Children will continue to have phonics lessons on a daily basis and spelling tests will continue to be on a Friday. Please can you try to have spelling books in school on those days.

At the beginning of this term we will be recapping on important number work covered last term with place value, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication being the main themes; we will be using these skills to look at statistics and data work. Beyond that we will spend fortnightly blocks exploring position, direction and movement, telling the time and we have two units of investigation, problem solving and looking at different methods and approaches. I really appreciate the efforts so many of you put in with your children to complete the telling the time activities over Easter. This is a vital skill and is one that is so readily accessible during your daily interactions and routines. Please keep chipping away at this with your child as much as is possible.

This term our topic is ‘Land Ahoy – Adventurers and Explorers’. Pirates do take quite a lead in this! This topic was selected as a result of the topic homework completed where the class gave their views and ideas on what they would like to learn about. This will cover aspects of creating seascapes in our art and constructing and deconstructing vehicles in D.T. Whilst, in History, looking at figures related to exploring and adventures (Grace Darling, Captain Cook, Francis Drake) and developing a sense of time and chronology. In Geography we will be looking at using maps and plans, locating places in the world and mapping journeys taken. Music and Computing will be covering using our voices expressively in song and composing using percussion and voice; using databases as well as graphing packages as a way to share and present work. At the end of the unit, there will be a couple of specific scientific investigations undertaken, in addition to our main science teaching and we hope to wrap everything up in a ‘Pirate Party’ afternoon.

*A request – please can you save and send to school egg boxes (not plastic cartons or trays) and any old pastel coloured sheets, pillowcases or fabric pieces that could be used and adapted for some of our art, creative and D.T. work.

In the teaching of Science this term the children will be studying plants and animals in different habitats and localities and looking into scientific variation, questioning and enquiry. In addition to this, we will be continuing with Forest Schools on a Monday afternoon. Please can children have outdoor boots or trainers for these sessions as we are often on and in the vegetable beds behind the school. A key feature of this will be our trip to Howsham Mill on July 1st, more details will follow soon.

Mrs. Ray
On a Friday afternoon, Mrs Ray will continue to take the Year 2 children while I have my planning and preparation time. She will be taking the children for circle time and PHSCE work, as well as RE. This term they are looking at ‘Questions that puzzle us about living in a diverse world.’ Mrs. Ray will also be ensuring the Year 2 children get some outdoor provision time, to end their week.

This will be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for Year 2 and a Monday and Friday for Year 1; it is really helpful if your child has the correct P.E. kit in school for both indoor and outdoor sessions. Mr Cairns will be teaching P.E. on Monday (yr1) or Thursdays (yr 2) and this is outdoor striking and fielding skills and games as well as athletic activities and I will be teaching P.E. on Tuesdays (yr 2), which is indoor dance work. Mrs Laverack leads the year 1’s in a similar session on a Friday.

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have – please do pop in and see me after school if you would like to discuss anything with me.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Kathryn Cummings (Mrs. C.)

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