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Foss Class This Term


Dear Parents,

A big welcome back to everyone in Foss class! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer and has made the most of some quality time with your children! I am excited for the term ahead and looking forward to it and the work and activities we have planned. In addition to myself Mrs Huntriss will be supporting the class on a Monday, Mrs Camps on a Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McAfee (Miss Auckland as was) on a Thursday and Friday. I will be having my PPA time on a Friday afternoon and Mrs McAfee will also be covering this, taking the class for computing and PHSE and Citizenship. Mr Cairns will also be taking the class for specialist PE and Games. Children will also continue to be split into small groups for phonics with different members of staff leading and organising spelling, sound and reading work.

Much of our language work will be intertwined with our topic work through related books and text types. Beyond this, our first theme ‘Stories with predictable and recurring language’. In this we are looking at the language of story and the use of sentence structure, paragraphing and developing our sentence writing.

We will then move on to learning about explanation texts using labels, captions, lists and flow charts. We will also look at poetry and recounts. In all these aspects we will be both reading and writing in these different styles. Guided Reading will continue in groups and children will continue to bring home reading records and colour band readers, some in addition are also bringing library books. We are more than happy for any books from home to also be written into reading records and be used to supplement the books school has to offer and to link with your child’s interests. It is of great help if reading records and books are in school every day.

In addition we will have a discrete lesson to develop handwriting and another to look at aspects of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Children will continue to have phonics lessons on a daily basis and spelling tests will continue to be on a Friday. We will be carefully monitoring and assessing phonic and reading levels to ensure they correlate. Shortly, bug club details will be appearing in reading records; this is another way to support phonic and reading skills. Please can you try to have spelling books and reading packs in school daily.

Show And Tell (Spoken Language)

We appreciate your help in aiding your child prepare for this slot.This term, to tie in with our topic ‘Memory Box’, we are asking that children bring an object (for example - an old teddy or comfort blanket) a photo of a special place, time or event, or something else that they can talk about and their thoughts and memories connected to it. They only need to be able to explain and talk about it for a few minutes and then the rest of the class will ask questions. These sessions will take place on a Friday afternoon and the timetable below will let you know when your child’s slot is.

The first week we are asking that everyone brings one thing (picture, object, souvenir, etc) that is connected to their summer holiday, this will be for Show and Tell and a written task.

Week 1 - whole class summer holidays item (Sept 6th)

Week 2 - Joni & Sam (Sept 13th)

Week 3 - Scarlett & Thomas P (Sept 20th)

Week 4 - Iris & Freddie (Sept 27th)

Week 5 - Sebastian & Neaveh (Oct 4th)

Week 6 - Thomas B & Wade (Oct 11th)

Week 7 - Harry & Charlotte (Oct 18th)

Week 8 - Poppy & Noah (Oct 25th)

Week 9 - Felix & Ziva (Nov 8th)

Week 10 - Charlie & Cohen (Nov 15th)

Week 11 - Priya & Matilda (Nov 22nd)

Week 12 - Chloe & Riley (Nov 29th)

Week 13 - Evalyn & Henry (Dec 6th)

Week 14 - Hattie-Mae & spare (Dec 13th)

We will be completing maths smart start activities every morning as we arrive at school, these are to boost our mental skills and knowledge. Beyond that our focus will be on number and place value, addition and subtraction working within 20, 50 and 100. After that we will look at multiplication focussing on the 2x and 10x tables, then advancing to the 5x and eventually the 3x table; as well as practical approaches plus the use of the language related to multiplying. These can all be practised at home to help secure basic skills for further up the school. Also please check Sum Dog and Mathletics for related activities in the weeks to come.

Our first week we will be embarking on a whole school project addressing our ethos of ‘Educating for Life’ we’ll be looking at our skills and abilities in the areas of mindfulness and resilience. This will continue through our further topic which is ‘Memory Box’ - the biggest focus area in this is history. This will also cover art, design, design technology, geography, music, spoken language and also a lot of language work. Much of our computing work will be linked to it also. We will be having a celebration sharing event towards the end of term where we will be requesting the input of grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends etc. from older generations - further details will follow.

In the teaching of Science this term the children will be studying ‘Animals Including Humans’ as our topic. We will look a lot about healthy living, diet, exercise and classifying types of creatures, our senses and the life cycle of humans and other creatures. In addition to this, we will be undertaking Forest Schools and Garden Gang sessions on a Thursday afternoon. Please can children have outdoor boots or trainers for these sessions as at this time of year it can be wet and muddy. As Wainwright is often quoted as saying ‘There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing'. If children don’t have the right footwear or coat, as appropriate, then they may have to miss these sessions.

This will be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon it is really helpful if your child has the correct P.E. kit in school for both indoor and outdoor sessions. Mr Cairns will be teaching P.E. on Thursdays and this will be outside as much as possible. Therefore as the weather cools off more please ensure that your child has a tracksuit, hoodie and outdoor trainers. For Tuesday indoor sessions shorts, t-shirts and plimsolls will be required.

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have – please do pop in and see me after school or drop school an email and it will be forwarded on to me (admin@langton.n-yorks.sch.uk) if you would like to discuss or inform me of anything.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Kathryn Cummings (Mrs. C.)

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