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Derwent Class This Term

Dear Parents,
I hope that you have had a lovely Easter holiday and that you were able to make the most of the lovely weather!
Our topic for the first half of this term is Land Ahoy and will lead us for the rest of the summer term into Are we there yet? Although these topics focus on Geography and Design Technology, all areas of the curriculum will be taught through them. For our work in Geography and understanding the world, we will learn about the seven continents and oceans. The children will pack suitcases of what they will need for a visit to the different continents; they will learn to place the continents and oceans on a map as they explore the world as a pirate and learn about the human and physical features of different places. Linking to our English work they will go on a journey with Mr Gumpy around the United Kingdom bringing souvenirs for Mrs Gumpy from the capital cities. In design and technology the children will plan and build a raft and they will also make and design a car for Mr Gumpy as he travels around the United Kingdom.
In Science, the children will be learning more about materials and their properties and using this knowledge to design a boat that will float. The children will learn to identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of plants and trees that they see on their journeys. They will continue with our seasonal walks to notice changes in temperature, length of daylight and to identify flora and fauna.
In PSHE they will be thinking about moving on. They will talk about their successes and achievements during this academic year and what they would like to learn and improve on as they journey into the next academic year. They will be re- evaluating our classroom rules and taking on new roles and responsibilities as they learn to take a full part in the life of the classroom. The children will then look at their wider responsibilities as they think about how they can help to improve our environment.
In RE this term the children will be learning about special places. They will start by thinking about places that are special to them and then places that are special to different religions, They will learn why the Mosque is a sacred place for Muslims and why the Synagogue is a sacred place for Jews. They will learn about the importance of the church to Christians and then visit the local church to explore the features in detail.

In Music lessons this term, the children will listen to and learn a range of songs about journeys. They will explore a variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments and then try to compose their own music for a journey, considering pitch, volume and rhythm.
In addition to the English and Maths work that they will cover through topic, the children will have regular practise of the basic skills. They will have daily guided reading activities, phonics and grammar work. The children will listen to stories and then will learn the stories with actions to support them with their writing. The stories the children will be learning this term, are Pirates Love Underpants, Jack And The Flum Flum Tree, Mr Gumpy’s Outing and The Journey. The children will learn to give and write instructions about crossing the road carefully and will recite and learn by heart a range of poems about journeys and nursery rhymes.
Maths this term will start with multiplication and division in which the children will learn to count and group objects in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. They will develop their skill in place value by practising counting forwards and backwards and writing and reading numbers in numerals and words. They will be learning how to quarter amounts, objects and shapes and will be developing their knowledge and skills with, position & direction, money and time and they will learn to solve problems in each of these areas.
In Computing, the children will use a range of phonics apps to support their phonics learning. They will program Beebot to go on journeys during their work on position and direction and they will make a PowerPoint to present to the class about a journey in the United Kingdom or abroad that they would like to go on. In addition the EYFS will make a video of something interesting that is happening in class using an iPad and will decide how they can best record our work on raft building.
P.E. – The children will be working outside whenever possible, taking part in simple games and developing their skills in running, jumping, throwing, catching and improving their physical aptitude.
They will also be practising the activities for Sports Day later this term. The children will continue to take part in gymnastics and dance in the school hall. P.E. will be on a Monday and Friday; your child will need suitable clothing and shoes for indoor and outdoor activities.
In addition to finding out about African art and drawing and painting pictures in this style, our class will take part in a whole school art project towards the KS2 summer production. We would appreciate it if you could donate any pastel coloured sheets or pillowcases that you are no longer using.
If at any time you are anxious or have any questions please come into class to see me and I will be happy to help.
With Regards
Mrs Rosemary Laverack

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