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Derwent Class Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas, though I imagine it already seems a long time ago! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and hopefully happy 2021! The start of the year has not only been disappointing but very worrying. Hopefully with the new vaccines being rolled out, summer could be much better for us all. It has been lovely to welcome some of our key workers children back in school and to have been sent so many pictures and updates from our home learners.

Our topic this term is Super Heroes and through this topic the curriculum will be taught. Whether the children are in school or learning from home, the work covered will be the same. In science the children will be learning about materials and their properties and using this knowledge to design a strong and waterproof cloak for a super hero. They will learn to identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and say which part of the body is associated with each sense. They will also continue with our seasonal walks to notice changes in temperature, length of daylight and to identify flora and fauna.

In PSHE they will be learning that superheroes need super bodies and so they will learn about the the importance of personal hygiene, making healthy eating choices, having plenty of sleep and regular exercise.

In RE this term we will be thinking about which people are important to us and how in their own way they too are super heroes! The children will learn that people are considered to be special for a variety of reasons. We will then study in more detail people who are special in different religions.

For our work in understanding the world and the people in our communities, we will think about the super heroes who help us all; the police, fire officers and medical staff. We will find out more about these occupations and the important work that they all do. Thinking about what a superhero is and what makes someone significant the children will learn about superheroes from the past. The children will learn about the contribution Florence Nightingale, Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Willian Shakespeare made to society throughout their lives and why their achievements are still remembered today.

In their creative work they will design and make a super hero mask, paint their favourite super heroes and learn about the works of Kahlo, Kandinsky, Picasso and Andy Warhol producing art using their style. In music they will be learning to sing superhero songs and to compose music.

In English the children will have daily practise of the basic skills. Whether in school or at home, I would like the children to read daily where possible. Children in school will not be bringing books home so as to minimise the risk of spreading the virus between home and school. If they wish to read on an evening or a weekend there will be books for them to read on the Active Learn website as there are for children who are learning from home, I have been asked for information on helping your child read, the progression of phonics and on our handwriting scheme. I will make this information available on Tapestry this week for anyone else who may find this helpful. We are having a daily phonics lesson as this is very important for children who are beginning to read. To make this experience the same for those at home/school we are watching the government Letters and Sounds lessons. The video your child watches is dependent on whether they are in phonics group 1 or 2. Some of these videos are a little fast and quite long. If your child is restless please stop the video after the revision of phonemes and the introduction of the new phoneme. Let your child either write the sound and some of the words containing that sound or use magnetic or foam letters if you have them at home. In school we practise the phoneme and words on whiteboards. Each week this term there will be a new story or superhero video introduced from which writing activities will be set. There will also be handwriting practise and reading with comprehension work.

Maths will also be daily and the children will take part in activities to practise counting, ordering numbers and to understand place value. The children will be developing their skills in addition and subtraction by learning to reason and problem solve. They will also be comparing and measuring length, height, weight and volume and learning to record measurements.

From January 11th on CBBC there will be a three hour block of primary school programming from 9am including live lessons and BBC bitesize daily, if any of you would like to access these resources. I will also send out some extra topic related activities on Tapestry that you might enjoy doing with your children if you have any spare time!

I would like to thank you all for your support in using Tapestry. We have received some super work and photographs from the children learning at home this week. It is lovely to see their faces and to be able to share the work they have done with the children in class. I understand how hard it is to juggle your own work and family demands with home learning, so a very big thank you from me for all your hard work. I also realise how difficult it is for parents of children in Derwent class as young children are much more dependent on an adult to support them with their activities. If you do feel overwhelmed or feel that I can support you in some way please do not hesitate to contact me on the Derwent class website or via Tapestry, I will be only too happy to help.

With Regards

Mrs Rosemary Laverack

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