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Meet Mrs McIlwaine

Meet Mrs McIlwaine....

"Well I am now approaching my 2nd half term in my new post as Class 2 teacher at Langton Primary. Having taught in inner city Hull for the best part of 13 years it has been a big change for me. Of course there have been all the challenges teaching faces in any school brings, in any part of the world... however so far I have been delighted with my move to this wonderful community village school. I have happily swapped a view of the concrete jungle and a Tesco express, as buses, wagons and sirens career past on Beverley Road (making the classroom literally vibrate) for a stunning vista of fields, farms and animals and a pretty  commute through the rolling Howardian hills.

Mrs McIlwaines Class

"Coming originally from Malton and growing up in the area this feels a lot like coming home! In between times I have led a busy life; studying teaching at Liverpool university, moving to Hull (see above) and more recently backpacking round the world and teaching for a month in Costa Rica. I now live in York and hope to continue this new lifestyle for a long time to come."

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Thank you very much for taking an interest in our school. We believe Langton is a very special school, just on the outskirts of Malton & Norton but with a feel of a rural village school.

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