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Year 2 Solid, Liquid or Gas Investigation

We put on our new lab coats, because we are doing practical science. We looked at three balloons to decide if they were full of gas, liquid or a solid (states of matter). Then we sorted and explained lots of other everyday items.



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Gingerbread Instructions - Class Two

The school smelt amazing this morning as the scent of cooking gingerbread wafted through. As class 2 have worked at instruction writing for the last few weeks; ordering, looking for different components in the text and then today creating their own gingerbread person. If you're lucky, you may get to taste a little bit at hometime. 


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Class Two - Potion Recipes

Year two, took the idea of George's Marvellous Medicine and created their own potion plans. They used alliteration and 'bossy' imperative verbs to create their recipe. 




Boil up the bad brains,

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Class Two - Fruit Faces

Class two, as part of their topic of Food, Farming and Festivals have created 2D and 3D artworks following the style of the Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Here are some of our creations. 

To see the original paintings, take a look at https://www.giuseppe-arcimboldo.org/ 

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Peat Rigg

Some Pictures from Class 2 1 night Residential April 2018.
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Class 2 Burton Constable Trip

Burton Constable

On Thursday 19th April 2018, Class 2 were lucky enough to visit Burton Constable. This wealthy manor house has been residence of the Constable family for generations.

Upon arrival at the grand estate, we were greeted by Mrs Styce, the Victorian housekeeper and whisked back to the Victorian era! We were given mop caps and flat caps and as we were given a tour of the house we learned all about the jobs each of us would be doing if we worked there during the Victorian era. There were lamp boys and ladies maids, stable boys and housekeepers!

We were able to compare the quarters where the house residents lived with the poor servants quarters. Our final job of the day was to investigate Victorian house artefacts and try to work out which jobs they would be used for.

Thankfully, it was a glorious day and we were able to have our lunch in the grounds, next to the orangery and made time for some fun in the sun before boarding the coach home.

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Class 2 Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2018

Class 2 Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2017

Dear Parents,

A big welcome back to everyone in Class 2! I hope everyone had a nice rest over the Easter Holidays and I look forward to hearing what the children have been up to. We have a busy term ahead of us with a few trips, visitors and swimming lessons to look forward to!


This term our first topic is ‘Information Texts.’ After looking at different examples of information texts and improving our dictionary and thesaurus skills, our focus for this will be to create an information PowerPoint on the ‘Stone Age,’ which will link into our topic work for the first half term.

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Class 2 Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2018

Dear Parents,

A big welcome back to everyone in Class 2! I hope everyone had a nice rest after the long Autumn Term and had a fun and happy Christmas and New Year! I am very excited for the term ahead and looking forward to 2018!


This term our first topic is ‘Authors and Letters.’ Our focus for this will be ‘Jill Murphy,’ the author of lots of children’s picture books such as ‘Whatever Next!’ She also wrote the novel series ‘The Worst Witch’, which I know are popular with the children in Class 2! We will be looking at a selection of her books and writing character descriptions and book reviews before researching the author and creating a biography. We will look at writing letters for a variety of purposes and write a draft letter to Jill Murphy.

We will then move on to learning to write recounts in the form of Newspaper articles, with a focus on reporting events that take place in school. Our poetry unit this term will focus on performing a range of poems to small groups and to the whole class.

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Is the next Richard Branson here in Class 2?

Class 2 have been very busy looking into the wonderful world of marketing this week. Miss Boyle tells us more….

“As part of our English Topic 'Persuasive Writing,' Class 2 have been busy making advertisements. We worked in our groups to decide on a name, catchy slogan and packaging design for our product. Then we each designed an advert promoting the product. We tried to include; special offers, alliteration, eye-catching colour and rhetorical questions. Our next step is to write a letter to Tesco persuading them to sell our product in their stores!”

Miss Boyle

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