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Class One on a Spring walk

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Class One visit The Sealife Centre

The children enjoyed exploring the rockpool.

We dug in the sand to find fossils of dinosaurs.

We got to see sharks, rays, turtles, jelly fish and many other creatures indoors.



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Class 1 Summer Term Curriculum Letter

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Dear Parents

I hope that you have all enjoyed the Easter break with your children, despite the cold weather. Hopefully spring has finally arrived and the warmer weather will stay with us for a while! We have a very busy term ahead in class 1 as the year 2’s prepare for their end of key stage SATS, year 1 children will be preparing for their phonics screening check and during the second half term the new EYFS starters for September will be visiting! Outlined below is a summary of the learning that will be taking place in class one between now and the end of term.

Our topic for this term is “She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea shore. “ During the first half term the children will be learning about sea and sea life and during the second half term their learning will focus on the seaside. In English the children will develop their writing skills through guided writing based on texts about the sea and sea creatures. During these guided writing sessions they will write stories, recounts and non- chronological reports. They will listen to and read poems and begin to make a collection of their favourite poems. In addition to this the children will have daily phonics, guided reading and comprehension activities, develop their grammar and dictionary skills and practise their handwriting.

In maths the children will practise counting, ordering numbers and estimating. They will further develop their understanding and skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will have opportunities to measure and weigh, sort and classify 2d and 3d shapes according to their properties, read and write the time, work out fractions of shapes and numbers and collect and record data in a variety of ways.

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A Burns Night Celebration in Class One - January 2018


Class one enjoyed celebrating Burn's Night on January 25th with a haggis dinner. They enjoyed learning about Robert Burns and trying to read his poems!

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Class 1 Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2018

Class 1 Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2018

Dear Parents,

A very Happy New Year to you all!

The children all seem to have had a lovely Christmas holiday and are now settling back down into the school routine in preparation for the busy term ahead.Our topic for this term is ‘In the Dark, Dark Night…………..’Throughout this topic the children will be developing their research skills as they find out about Florence Nightingale, Robert Burns and Burns Night. They will find out about what life was like for children down the mines or sweeping chimneys and the history of light from the candle to the light bulb. They will also learn about the different services and industries that work throughout the night. In their English work they will be learning how to write information texts about nocturnal animals, writing stories based on traditional tales from other cultures about night time and they will listen to and learn a variety of poems culminating with them writing their own poem! During the second half term they will write recounts and study different stories by the same author. In addition to this the children will have daily phonics, guided reading and comprehension activities, develop their grammar and dictionary skills and practise their handwriting.Numeracy – In numeracy the following areas will be covered: -• Counting, ordering numbers, place value, estimating and rounding.• Understanding + and – including mental strategies.• Understanding x and ÷ including mental strategies.• Number sequences.• Money and real life problems, checking answers.• Reading numbers from scales; measures including estimation and comparison; weights and capacities.• Recognising and describing 2D and 3D shapes.• Following and giving instructions involving position, direction and movement.• Fractions.• Data Handling.• Time including problems

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