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Rye Class At Indoor Athletics

Below are some action shots to show some of the different activities that were experienced on the day and a report that will give you an idea of what the children were up to. 


Athletics tournament

On Wednesday 23rd January Leon, Seth, Felix, Charlotte, Elias, Lottie, Josie, Sofia, Bella, Lola, Honor, Ella, Sophie, Robert, Niall, Daisy, Ellie, Thomas K, Hettie, Javan, Pippa and Jack went to the second round of the athletics tournament in Lady Lumley’s.

The hall was massive and had all sorts of activities set up like chest pass, long jump, vertical jump etc. We were all nervous as there were lots of other schools there and some of them were much bigger than us.

First it was the obstacle relay (girls) heat 1 Langton was in this heat but not in heat 2 and we came second. Throughout the rest of the tournament the relays and field event were on at the same time but field events were off to the side. Josie made a great choice and brought a giant clownfish called Alice. We all agreed that her stripes should have been green and white instead of orange and white.

We all did really well and never gave up and supported each other and it payed off. In the end, we came 5th out of 60 schools, which is pretty good.

By Charlotte



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