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Langton's Sports Relief

On the 22nd of March Langton Primary School had a sports relief to raise money for charity, there were 8 events including: an obstacle course run by Lola Atkinson, an adventure course run by Ella Hoste, a relay race run by Hettie Mahon who was sick so Niall Hill took her place, dribbling a basketball then a football was run by Ellie Johnson, netball shooting run by Robert Cogger, football goals run by Thomas Radford, The mat game (where you have two mats and no-one is aloud off the mats and they have to move one mat in front of the other to get to the other side of the hall) run by Lily Parker and speed bounce run by Eddie Huntriss.

Each house was split into 2 teams, one half would do one sport and the other half would do the other sport. Once the whistle was blown once, the two halves of the house would switch and once it was blown again the entire house would move on to the next course. After the first two games we had break time for 10 minutes then we did the other two events.

After all the events were played everyone got dressed in there school uniform again and Mr Cairns (our P.E teacher) told everyone to go in the hall whilst the sports ambassadors and there helpers put every thing away. After they put everything away Mr Cairns counted all of the points together and then he announced the results.

Here are the results of Langton Primary School sports relief!

Hill came 4th

Boyes came 3rd

Howard-Vyse came 2nd

And Turner came 1st

By Ella Hoste & Lola Atkinson.


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