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Cross Country

Cross Country

On Wednesday 2nd of October some Rye and Ouse class members took part in a cross county at West Heslington school we left school at about 1:30. When we arrived we went to a ploughed field where we would be running. Then when West Heslington School came round two old Langton Primary School members were with them Oliver and Emily Parker. A lot of us rushed to see them but we were called back because the elite race started there were 8 people from each school 4 boys and 4 girls. The girls were Lottie C, Sophia J, Bella M and Ella R-A, the boys that were there that ran the elite race were Jack J, Elias C, Jake J, Jasper J, who ran the elite race they all worked so hard and all our girls got into the top twelve well done girls! When they finished all their faces were bright red like apple. After we had a small break. Then we were called back again because the fun run was starting. Some people from the elite race ran the fun run it took ages to finish it was a course were you would go over huge mountains and go down them. Unfortunately there were cow pats everywhere it was disgusting. Oddly there were sheep and as people passed them they tried to escape. Only the first boy and first girl would get a meddle but Honer Q was the second girl so she was so close Well Done Honor!


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