Class 1 Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2018

Dear Parents,

A very Happy New Year to you all!

The children all seem to have had a lovely Christmas holiday and are now settling back down into the school routine in preparation for the busy term ahead.
Our topic for this term is ‘In the Dark, Dark Night…………..’Throughout this topic the children will be developing their research skills as they find out about Florence Nightingale, Robert Burns and Burns Night. They will find out about what life was like for children down the mines or sweeping chimneys and the history of light from the candle to the light bulb. They will also learn about the different services and industries that work throughout the night. In their English work they will be learning how to write information texts about nocturnal animals, writing stories based on traditional tales from other cultures about night time and they will listen to and learn a variety of poems culminating with them writing their own poem! During the second half term they will write recounts and study different stories by the same author. In addition to this the children will have daily phonics, guided reading and comprehension activities, develop their grammar and dictionary skills and practise their handwriting.
Numeracy – In numeracy the following areas will be covered: -
• Counting, ordering numbers, place value, estimating and rounding.
• Understanding + and – including mental strategies.
• Understanding x and ÷ including mental strategies.
• Number sequences.
• Money and real life problems, checking answers.
• Reading numbers from scales; measures including estimation and comparison; weights and capacities.
• Recognising and describing 2D and 3D shapes.
• Following and giving instructions involving position, direction and movement.
• Fractions.
• Data Handling.
• Time including problems

During creative work this term the children will produce a group collage of a nocturnal animal in a variety of media. They will mix colours to make a winterscape and use textured paint to produce a picture in the style of Van Gough’s starry night picture and block colours to produce a picture in the style of his bedroom. They will create dance routines and learn a variety of songs and rhymes associated with night time.
In science this term the children will grow a spring plant from a bulb observing the weekly changes. They will learn how to identify the habitats of different nocturnal animals and say how their habitat provides for their needs. They will find out how nocturnal animals obtain their food from plants and other animals. During the second half-term the children will find out which materials are the most reflective and how reflective materials are used for safety. They will have the opportunity to build a completely dark shelter, to test light sources and see which gives the most light. They will then record their findings.

In RE this half term the children will be thinking about when and how we celebrate with lights. They will then learn about festivals in which Christians celebrate with light. They will also learn that Hindus and Sikhs celebrate with lights at the festival of Diwali. Jews celebrate with lights at Hanukkah and that Buddhists celebrate with lights at the end of the rainy season with the Tazaungdaing Festival. During the second half term the children’s work will be based on spring time in which they will think about new life and what it means to belong to a family.

P.E. – The children will be working outside, whenever possible, learning to master basic movements such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, balance, agility and co-ordination. When the weather is inclement the children will develop their dance and gymnastics skills in the school hall.
P.E. will be on Monday and Tuesday; your child will need suitable clothing and shoes for outdoor activities.

In computing the children will learn to organise, store, and retrieve information and develop their word processing they produce an information text about nocturnal animals. They will also learn about internet safety.

PSHCE – Our theme for the first half term is ‘My Healthy Lifestyle’ in which the children will learn about the importance of physical activity, rest, healthy eating and dental health. During the second half term the theme is ‘Me and my future’ in which they will learn about money and different ways we pay for things. They will also learn why it is important to keep a record of our spending and how families have to balance needs and wants.

If at any time you are anxious or have any questions please come into class to see me and I will be happy to help.

With Regards

Mrs Rosemary Laverack