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Class 3 Curriculum Letter Summer 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a great Easter and you are looking forward to a very busy Summer term; including music days, art days, our very exciting residential to Peat Rigg (11th - 13th June 2018) and the KS2 School production – details to follow shortly. This is a very important term for Year 6 children in particular with SATs closer by the minute but I’m really looking forward to enjoying everything the Summer term has to offer! Outlined below is a summary of the areas of learning that Class 3 will be covering this term.

Our topic for this term is ‘Celebrity Sports Events’. Throughout this topic the children will have an opportunity to delve into many different sporting events, looking closely at how these sporting events can be used as political tools and how hosting events affect a country. We will discover the history of the Olympics and gain an understanding as to why the Olympics were so important to Ancient Greeks. We will investigate how the importance of values such as sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership play a crucial role in sport and physical activity – in particular highlighting key events were these core values have been shown. We as a class will look into the organisation and running of a sporting event with children having the opportunity throughout the term to host their own sporting events such as World Cups or the Olympics. We will also be designing and making our very own trophy or medal. Through English we will be reporting on key sporting events, writing a ‘rags to riches’ story and creating letters in a bid to host our very own sporting event.

In Maths the children will use steps to solve word problems, look at number equations and be able to use their multiplication skills to work on all Maths based activities. They will also learn about algebra, graphs, space and measurement whilst also producing 2D work based on the properties of shape. We will continually use the online system, MyMaths and Abacus, throughout maths lessons so that children can learn in a variety of ways. We also have a Maths day planned for the 24th May with a theme of Money – look out for more information on this!

In Science this term our topic is ‘Plants’ in which the children will be able to describe how seed dispersal ensures that new plants survive and how nutrients are taken in through plant roots. We will also recognise that leaves use light to make food for the plant and find out and describe how keys are a way of identifying different living things.

In RE this half term, our class will discover about Islam with a local focus concentrating on teaching and authority, worship, pilgrimage and sacred places. We will find out about the local growth of Islamic communities in Yorkshire over the last 50 years (there is a link to history) and develop their understanding of the importance of places of worship to believers and the particular features and significance of the Mosque in Islam. As a class we will question and respond to ideas about living together in a multi-religious society, focussing on developing learners understanding of worship and community life, making links to the experience of every child.

In Computing the children will learn to organise, store, retrieve and manipulate data, to recognise the use of IT outside of school and to understand the use of algorithms. Children will also have the opportunity to design and create websites, looking at the importance of key information and being able to make presentations through a variety of methods. Throughout computing lessons, continued emphasis on the importance of internet safety will allow children to be able to gain an understanding of such an important issue.

PSHCE – Our theme for this term focuses on developing children's skills of empathy, self-awareness, social skills and motivation.

P.E. – The children will be working outside, whenever possible, to continue to develop their already excellent skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, balance, agility and co-ordination. As well as the P.E. lessons we also have lots of school competitions coming up in the not too distant future including cricket and swimming.

P.E. will be on Thursday and Friday afternoons; your child will need suitable clothing and shoes for outdoor activities. P.E. kits can be brought in on a Monday and then taken home on Friday if necessary.

I will be happy to help at any time so if you do have any questions please let me know.

With regards

Mr Robert Woods



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