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Class 2 Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2018

Dear Parents,

A big welcome back to everyone in Class 2! I hope everyone had a nice rest after the long Autumn Term and had a fun and happy Christmas and New Year! I am very excited for the term ahead and looking forward to 2018!


This term our first topic is ‘Authors and Letters.’ Our focus for this will be ‘Jill Murphy,’ the author of lots of children’s picture books such as ‘Whatever Next!’ She also wrote the novel series ‘The Worst Witch’, which I know are popular with the children in Class 2! We will be looking at a selection of her books and writing character descriptions and book reviews before researching the author and creating a biography. We will look at writing letters for a variety of purposes and write a draft letter to Jill Murphy.

We will then move on to learning to write recounts in the form of Newspaper articles, with a focus on reporting events that take place in school. Our poetry unit this term will focus on performing a range of poems to small groups and to the whole class.

In addition we will have a discrete lesson to develop grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.


During the beginning of this term we will be recapping on important number work covered last term before moving on to studying fractions. This will involve finding fractions of quantities, adding fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Year 4 will also be learning about decimals and percentages.  We will also be spending a couple of weeks learning about measures; comparing, adding and subtracting, mass and capacity as well as looking at problems involving money. We are consolidating counting in multiples of 6, 7 and 8, and aiming to learn these times tables by heart.

We will have a focus of reasoning and problem solving skills in each of the topic covered this term to deepen our mathematical understanding.


This term our topic is ‘Oliver!’ We will be learning all about the Victorians in Britain focusing in particular on how difficult life was for Victorian children. We will be using the film ‘Oliver!’ to support our learning and will be studying the characters and setting. We will also be performing short sections to the rest of the class.

In Art we will be looking at the works of L.S Lowry and will work on building our own Lowry inspired structure.


Mrs Huntriss will continue to teach Science in our class this term and the focus will be moving on from Biology to Physics. The children will be studying ‘Electricity’ as their topic and will have an exciting visit to Malton Secondary school on Wednesday 7th February to support their learning in this area.

Mrs. Cummings

Mrs. Cummings will teach the children RE, PSHE and Music this term. Some of the areas which will be covered include: ‘Pilgrimages’, ‘Achieving Our Goals’ and ‘Pentatonic Scales.’


Mrs Conroy will continue to teach French, every other Tuesday afternoon. This term our topic will be ‘Tutti Frutti’ and we will be focusing on foods and fruit.

General Notes

Please feel free to bring in books from home with information / stories about the Victorians or any famous Victorian people. They will only be used with supervision and will be returned at the end of term, unless requested before!

P.E. will be on a Wednesday and Friday; It is really helpful if your child has the correct P.E. kit in school for both indoor and outdoor sessions. Mr Cairns will be teaching P.E. on Fridays and I will be teaching P.E. on Wednesdays.

Spellings are done on a Thursday (unless children go to Mrs. Lavarack). They must be sure to have practiced their spellings over the week and have their yellow spelling book in class every Thursday.

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have – please do pop in and see me after school if you would like to discuss anything with me. 

Kind Regards,

Miss Roisín Boyle

Class 2 Victorians

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