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Summer 2021

Autumn half-term

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Holiday Dates – 2020/21


Easter 2020

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Summer half-term

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Class 3 Curriculum Letter Summer 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a great Easter and you are looking forward to a very busy Summer term; including music days, art days, our very exciting residential to Peat Rigg (11th - 13th June 2018) and the KS2 School production – details to follow shortly. This is a very important term for Year 6 children in particular with SATs closer by the minute but I’m really looking forward to enjoying everything the Summer term has to offer! Outlined below is a summary of the areas of learning that Class 3 will be covering this term.

Our topic for this term is ‘Celebrity Sports Events’. Throughout this topic the children will have an opportunity to delve into many different sporting events, looking closely at how these sporting events can be used as political tools and how hosting events affect a country. We will discover the history of the Olympics and gain an understanding as to why the Olympics were so important to Ancient Greeks. We will investigate how the importance of values such as sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership play a crucial role in sport and physical activity – in particular highlighting key events were these core values have been shown. We as a class will look into the organisation and running of a sporting event with children having the opportunity throughout the term to host their own sporting events such as World Cups or the Olympics. We will also be designing and making our very own trophy or medal. Through English we will be reporting on key sporting events, writing a ‘rags to riches’ story and creating letters in a bid to host our very own sporting event.

In Maths the children will use steps to solve word problems, look at number equations and be able to use their multiplication skills to work on all Maths based activities. They will also learn about algebra, graphs, space and measurement whilst also producing 2D work based on the properties of shape. We will continually use the online system, MyMaths and Abacus, throughout maths lessons so that children can learn in a variety of ways. We also have a Maths day planned for the 24th May with a theme of Money – look out for more information on this!

In Science this term our topic is ‘Plants’ in which the children will be able to describe how seed dispersal ensures that new plants survive and how nutrients are taken in through plant roots. We will also recognise that leaves use light to make food for the plant and find out and describe how keys are a way of identifying different living things.

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A Burns Night Celebration in Class One - January 2018


Class one enjoyed celebrating Burn's Night on January 25th with a haggis dinner. They enjoyed learning about Robert Burns and trying to read his poems!

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Class 1 Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2018

Class 1 Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2018

Dear Parents,

A very Happy New Year to you all!

The children all seem to have had a lovely Christmas holiday and are now settling back down into the school routine in preparation for the busy term ahead.Our topic for this term is ‘In the Dark, Dark Night…………..’Throughout this topic the children will be developing their research skills as they find out about Florence Nightingale, Robert Burns and Burns Night. They will find out about what life was like for children down the mines or sweeping chimneys and the history of light from the candle to the light bulb. They will also learn about the different services and industries that work throughout the night. In their English work they will be learning how to write information texts about nocturnal animals, writing stories based on traditional tales from other cultures about night time and they will listen to and learn a variety of poems culminating with them writing their own poem! During the second half term they will write recounts and study different stories by the same author. In addition to this the children will have daily phonics, guided reading and comprehension activities, develop their grammar and dictionary skills and practise their handwriting.Numeracy – In numeracy the following areas will be covered: -• Counting, ordering numbers, place value, estimating and rounding.• Understanding + and – including mental strategies.• Understanding x and ÷ including mental strategies.• Number sequences.• Money and real life problems, checking answers.• Reading numbers from scales; measures including estimation and comparison; weights and capacities.• Recognising and describing 2D and 3D shapes.• Following and giving instructions involving position, direction and movement.• Fractions.• Data Handling.• Time including problems

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Class 3 Curriculum Letter - Spring 2018

Dear Parents,

First of all I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and I hope that you have had a great Christmas. Outlined below is a summary of the areas of learning that Class 3 will be covering this term. This term’s topic is Britain since 1948. Class 3 will be investigating what every-day life was like in post-war Britain and how it has changed through the decades. The children will also be looking at the changing trends in music, fashion and pastimes; how working life has changed; changes in population; and advances in technology. This time period is also home to some amazing people and events and the children will have the opportunity to explore some of these historic milestones.

Our topic will start with a cookery lesson where the class 3 will prepare and sample meals made only with ingredients available during rationing. From there we will work our way through the decades, ending with a quick look to the future at where some of this decade’s breakthroughs could take us. Throughout the topic, the children will be gathering information which they will bring together in the form of a multi-media presentation. Throughout our English lessons we will investigate key figures since 1948 in the form of autobiographies and biographies, the use of instructions that present detailed guidelines as well as looking at the difference between formal and informal writing. Class 3 will also evaluate reports, information texts and create comparisons for a travel catalogue along with writing stories & poetry associated with key events since the 1940s. We have also entered the Ryedale Debating competition based on ‘Is Social Media a danger to children?’ so be looking out for debaters coming home!

In Maths the children will use steps to solve word problems, look at number equations and be able to use their multiplication skills to work on all Maths based activities, particularly when using fractions decimals and percentages. They will also learn about algebra, graphs, space and measurement whilst also producing 2D work based on the properties of shape. We will continually use the online system, MyMaths, and another maths resource, Abacus, throughout maths lessons so that children can learn in a variety of ways.

In Science this term our topic is electricity. We will begin with a revision of simple circuits and then we will have lots of hands on experience with symbols, diagrams & incomplete circuits. We will inquire about the length of wire in a circuit, the use of cells, compare series & parallel circuits whilst doing lots of practical experiments. In RE this half term, the children will study about key inspirational leaders, including looking in depth at influential people like Martin Luther King.

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2018 - 2019

Holiday Dates – 2018/19


Summer 2018

Autumn half-term

Christmas 2018

Spring half-term

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2019 - 2020

Holiday Dates – 2019/20


Summer 2019

Autumn half-term

Christmas 2019

Spring half-term

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Dates for your Diary

Dates for your Diary

Year 2 Cricket TournamentWednsday 18th MarchParents EveningsMonday 23rd March, 3.30 - 6.00pm Thursday 26th March, 4.30 - 7.00pmOuse Class Easter Experience @ Hope CentralThursday 26th MarchLangton 5-a-side Football TournamentWednesday 1st AprilEaster Bake Off competitionFriday 3rd AprilEnd of Spring TermFriday 3rd AprilStaff Training DayMonday 20th AprilStart of the Summer Term 2020Tuesday 21st AprilPhototronics - Class & Year 6 photosTuesday 21st AprilYear 5 Taster Day @ Norton CollegeWednesday 22nd AprilBank HolidayFriday 8th MayKS2 SATS Week

Monday 11th - Thursday 14th May

Langton Community RunSunday 17th MayEnd of Half TermFriday 22nd MayStaff Training DayMonday 1st JuneBack to SchoolTuesday 2nd JuneRye Class Residential - Boggle HoleWednesday 24th - Friday 26th JuneSports DayFriday 3rd JulyReserve Sports DayWednesday 8th JulyKS2 ProductionFriday 15th July, 2.00 & 6.00pmEnd of 2019/20 School Year!Friday 17th July
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News & Events

Able Writer’s Day!

“It was on Monday 20th March that Hannah, Lily Pl, Constance, Martha, Sam, Megan, Eddie, Millie, Lola A and Ella went to Terrington Hall to take part in an Able Writer’s workshop. It was hosted by a poet named Andy Craven Griffiths.

“The first thing we were told was to do some exercises including a clapping rhythm with our partners, and then we were reorganised onto different tables., so that we could get to know some different people. We then played a game on our new table called two truths and one lie. It was a fun activity that let us get to know each other a bit more.

“Next, we started on some short poems that all started “If love was…..” then we had to write the second line that started “then I would be….”. After that, we had a 15 minute break outside on the playground with all the Terrington Hall students, who we got to talk to and get to know.

“After break, we got to do something called a free write, where you are given a topic to write on, and you just had to keep writing, even if you went off the topic. We then started our group simile and metaphor poems about whatever we wanted. Some of our poem’s titles were; Anger, Trip to the Seaside, When I was Your Age, and Going on Holiday.

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