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March 2021

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July 2020

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Governor Standing Orders

For information regarding the Langton Primary School Governing Board Standing Orders and Code of Practice, please refer to the following;

Langton Primary School Governing Board Standing Orders and Code of Practice

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Governor Meetings

Governor Meetings

Please click on the links below to view minutes/notes from governing board meetings.

For dates of 2020-21 meetings, please see Langton School GB Meeting Date 2020-21

Full Governing Board Meetings 


Minutes - 20th July 2021

Minutes - 20th May 2021

Minutes - 25th March 2021

Minutes - 4th February 2021

Minutes - 3rd December 2020

Minutes - 29th September 2020

Minutes - 2nd September 2020


Minutes - 13th July 2020

Minutes - 20th May 2020

Minutes - 7th May 2020

Minutes - 6th February 2020

Minutes - 5th December 2019

Minutes - 3rd October 2019


Minutes - 11th July 2019

Minutes - 23rd May 2019

Minutes - 4th April 2019

Minutes - 6th December 2018

Minutes - 20th September 2018


Minutes - 16th July 2018

Minutes - 16th May 2018

Minutes - 28th March 2018


Minutes - 15th February 2017

Minutes - 30th November 2016


Minutes - 23rd March 2016

Minutes - 3rd February 2016

Minutes - 9th December 2015




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What do Governors do?

What do your school governors do?

Langton School Governors are part of the largest volunteer force in the country. Our function is to make a positive contribution to the children’s education and raise standards in our school.


Our blend of parent, co-opted, local authority and staff governors, as defined in the constitution of the governing body, allows us to achieve a broad representation as well as a range of skills and experience.

Individual governors also undertake specific responsibilities on behalf of the governing body. These include Health and Safety, Child Protection and responsibility for specific areas of the curriculum. These governors work with the relevant members of staff to monitor progress and ensure the children are happy, safe and making satisfactory progress. However, governors do not act independently and any decisions taken are the joint responsibility of the whole governing body.  

Full governing body meetings are held each half term. In addition, we have two committees to deal with the more detailed aspects of our work. At present, these are the Finance and Resources committee and the School Performance committee, with all governors being members of both.

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Governor's Details & Register of Interests, and Instrument of Governance

For Governor's Details and Register of Interests for 2020-21, please see the document below;

Governor's Details & Register of Interests 2020-21

A copy of the Langton Primary School Instrument of Government, please see below;

Langton Primary School Instrument of Government

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Governing Board Structure

Our governing board for the 2020-21 school year comprises:Chair / Co-opted GovernorHoward WiddallVice Chair / Local Authority GovernorAnne ConroyCo-opted GovernorPam AbbottParent GovernorVicky PearsCo-opted GovernorChristine GilkesParent GovernorHailey BarrStaff GovernorRosemary LaverackHeadteacherRachel Ray


Finance & Resources CommitteeChairChristine GilkesHead TeacherRachel RayStaff GovernorRosemary LaverackGovernorVicky PearsGovernorHoward WiddallGovernorHailey BarrGovernorPam AbbottGovernorAnne ConroyNYCC AdvisorFiona RobinsonClerkPauline Painter


School Performance CommitteeChairPam AbbottHead TeacherRachel RayStaff GovernorRosemary LaverackGovernorChristine GilkesGovernorVicky PearsGovernorHailey BarrGovernorHoward WiddallGovernorAnne ConroyClerkPauline Painter


Head Teacher's Performance Review CommitteeChair of GovernorsHoward WiddallLocal Authority GovernorAnne ConroyEducation Development AdvisorLisa Jones


Link Governor RolesMaths & CurriculumChristine GilkesH&S/PremisesHailey BarrChild Protection & SENPam AbbottEnglishVicky PearsEYFS & PSHEAnne ConroyComplaints

Complaints will be dealt with following the school Complaints Policy. Where it is not possible for a complaint to be resolved informally, through the HT or Chair of Governors, a Governor Complaints Panel will be set up as required, drawn from the appropriate membership of the governing body.

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Langton Primary School

Thank you very much for taking an interest in our school. We believe Langton is a very special school, just on the outskirts of Malton & Norton but with a feel of a rural village school.

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