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Tribal Tales - archaeology afternoon Ouse class

How to find out about the past for your tribal tales topic?

*work as a team to create a timeline

*recreate the scene with artwork

*use evidence from the world around us

* study and talk to a friendly archaeologist to discover more about artefacts from the past

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Derwent Class - Outdoor Learning

Today we took inspiration for the story Owl Babies to create mummy owl. We went out forraging for conkers in their shells, leaves and bark and twigs to create our natural collage. We also looked at road safety directions and discussing what we could see and feel.




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Pirate Party in Isolation

We may not have celebraated and shared together the last week of term as we had planned. That did not stop Foss class from boating, kite making, picnicing and pirating in their own way and sharing their creation together over 'Teams'. 


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Ouse Class Home Learning

Miss Boyle and Mrs Huntriss have been amazed by a lot of the work that has been shared from home. The same activities have also been replicated in school. Super learning from years three and four.

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Ouse and Rye Bubble Class - Learning in school

Ouse class have been busy investigating and creating around their science topic of sound as well as working on their online maths challenges. The game of Twister wasn't just for fun either, there was an educational slant on today's game. Rye class as you can see are busy as ever and have completed some fantastic work about life at the poles as part of the Frozen Planet topic. 


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Foss Class Home Learning January 2021

Whether you are home learning or in school we are all working on the same tasks and objectives. It is wonderful too see how some of you are applying your skills and developing your knowledge. Here are just a few examples of the work that some of Foss class have shared with us from home and in our class 'Teams' meetings - maths, English, geography, forest schools, science, R.E. Amazing!


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Derwent Class - Home Learning January 2021

Whether you are working at home or at school we are all looking at developing our knowledge, skills and understanding in the same ways. We are loving the different ways you are showing us what and how you have done things. Here is what some of the children in Derwent class have created with learning along the way.




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Week 12

The tree is up, Christmas post begins on Monday and will be delivered on Friday. Cards and gift wrap has been sent out and things are looking sparkly and glittery around school. On top of that here are the people we are celebrating this week as superstars.

Ouse have created some amazing clay models of fruit for their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' topic. The detailing, moulding and colour mixing is superb. The engineering homework from Foss class was also fantastic. There is a lot of Christmas music to be heard, nativity rehearsals are well under way and the collections of chocolate and tinned food stuffs are already showing how generous people are.

Finally, there is an opportunity to purchase a book written and illustrated by two members of year two on the theme of caring for nature and homelessness.

All part of another busy week at Langton Primary School. 

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Week 10

This week, as you can see, there have been artists working in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo and engineers creating just like I.K Brunell. Derwent class having been eating honey and apples in the Sukkah which was created to help understand the Jewish festival of Succot. Whichever way you look at it the team work, resilience, skills and learning are plain to see. As is the fun and enjoyment in our enriched curriculum.

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Week Nine

Week nine has been a special time with our schools 'Act of Remembrance'done differently but still poignant. Great learning has been taking place all over the school. 'Huzzah'could be heard from Ouse class as the children used addition and subtraction facts to play games and solve puzzles. There was great glee and excitement as Foss class charmed worms and created wormeries. There was also a selection of children sharing a range of good work in Friday's assemblies.  

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Week Eight

Here is a snap shot of the work in different classes this week. Rye have been busy doing investigational science. Ouse class has launched there new foody topic 'Scrumdidlyumptious'. Foss have been in the tunnels and caves for reading and to learn about Guy Fawkes and his actions. It has been a very busy week in school. 


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Week Seven - Half Term Is Nearly Here

We have decided to show you a sample of the displays in each of the classrooms and around the school this week, as you can't get into school to see them all. This features information materials and some super work by the children.

Also, you can see  our stars of the week and some pictures to show Foss class on their 'Living In A Castle' afternoon, where they took on the different roles and responsibilities of Medieval castle life. Thank you to Mr Cairns for the loan of the bow and arrows so that we could defend our castle walls. 


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Week Six

Harvest, Thankfulness, Gratitude, Appreciation, Support, Fundraising and Hard work are just some of the things that this week have been about. 

Derwent class have been working very hard in maths and science. There farming topic has also seen them baking and making this week, as you will see by the photos.


Over in Foss class, we have been trying out archery, a great link to castles, in P.E. Many of the key stage two classes have also had a go at this. We have also completed the building of our 'Creepy Creature Castle' and we have used our skills to attempt a tower building challenge. This called for team work, resilience and a positive attitude. 

We ended the week with our alternative Harvest/Rainbow-Thank you day. 

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Week Five

With half term fast approaching, it is lovely to see how settled and well all the children and staff are (despite the sniffles). The pictures show our celebration assembly from today. 

There is a busy buzz around school. Here is some of what has been happening this week. D.T, science. maths, topic and history, forest schools. A highlight of the week has been the return of hot dinners. 

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Week 4

This week has seen the Queen of Hearts baking tarts, an invading Roman army marching in their tortoise defence formation, money matters and winders being created to get to the top of the tower. What a busy bunch we all are! 


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Week Three

This week you can see the science work in Derwent looking at bulbs and seeds in foods and for planting. Foss class have been building castles with baileys, drawbridges, gatehouses and strong walls. In Ouse class, cartoon scripts are underway with writing and dramatic freeze frame of Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans. Finally, Rye class are investigating solids and liquids in a practical science session. 


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Week Two

This week has seen us all working towards full days. There is art work from Rye class to look at, models and sculptures from Foss. Derwent children have been into their first assemblies and Ouse class went out to see our special visitors. 

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Foss Bubble - shadow clocks

A sunny day is all we needed to help us learn about telling the time and how our shadows appear to move. We kept drawing and checking at different o'clocks throughout the day. 


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Foss Bubble - rock pools

Rock pool day - making model rock pools, reading about rock pools, writing about rock pool creatures, fact finding, arts and crafts, habitat and food chain work and counting and classifying the sea creatures. Our day was 'ROCKING'.

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Derwent Bubble - A study of woodlice

Derwent Bubble have spent this week looking into the life and needs of the humble woodlouse. Where would you choose to live and what conditions does a woodlouse need?



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