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A F.O.L.S Fun Run with a difference

Hello everyone

It was supposed to be FoLS’s very first Community Run event on Sunday 17thMay, so we’ve had another idea how we can do something together as a school community!

We thought it would be fun if ‘Langton went to London’. So we are asking those who’d like to be involved, to walk, run, cycle, bounce at least one mile (in your garden or on a walk) on Sunday 17thMay. To take a photo of everyone who went with you, so we can create a collage of the event and to then email the distance you covered and the photo to your class teacher that afternoon/evening. We will then collate the distances (this distance includes all grown ups, children and pets that go with you – ie. 1 adult, 1 child and 1 dog walk one mile, this equals 3 miles towards the distance total) and create our route on a map to see how far we all walked together. For example, it is 234 miles to London.

Let’s see if we can get there, or even further!!

Thank you and we’ll be in touch again soon.

Vicky and the FoLS team

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