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Class 2 this term


Class 2 Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to another busy term in Class 2! We’re very excited because this term we are meeting our Stepney Primary School penpals in person! We will visit them in a couple of weeks’ time in Hull, which has been awarded the City of Culture 2017. During the second half of term Stepney are coming to us. It is a great chance for the pupils of both schools to see a contrasting locality to their own environment; and enjoy learning about a different part of their country, albeit not too far away!

Topic - Smoothies

This term we’re getting fresh and healthy! In this topic the children will be exploring what ingredients go into a smoothie. They will taste and evaluate which flavours they like and which blend well together; before designing and marketing their very own smoothie.

Also the children will learn how far their fruit and vegetables have travelled to get into their smoothies. They will look at the carbon footprint created by this travelling, and learn how to be more environmentally friendly with their choices where possible. Additionally they will learn about the logistics of importing and exporting fresh produce.

In addition, to tie in with this learning, Tesco are coming in to talk to us about how our food gets onto our plate, with a ‘From Farm to Food’ talk, on Tuesday 23rd May.

In Art we will be doing observational drawings and paintings of fruit and vegetables, benefitting from the expertise of Miss Sophy Brown from Norton College.


We kick off this term learning about stories from other cultures. We will look at an animation from an Amazon tribe as a stimulus; then from this research more about these tribes, to eventually invent our own story as if we were a child living as part of one of these tribes. After this we will be looking at language play in poetry… puns, riddles and other ways poets play around with language. Then we will be writing instructions – to tie into our work on Smoothies; we will clearly explain to our reader how they can also create our individual Smoothie creation.


This term we will once again cover the main number operations (+ - X and ÷) and develop our skills and mastery with these operations.  We are practising finding change after having ‘spent’ money, applying these strategies to everyday life scenarios and problems. We are going to cover decimals: Tenths for the Year3s and Tenths and Hundredths for the Year 4s – and explore the relationship between decimals and fractions. We are also going to study area and perimeter, with lots of practical measuring around school of these. We will also be collecting and interpreting data as part of our statistics work.


Mrs Huntriss is going to cover the topic of plants, including parts of a flowering plant and experimenting on which conditions enable a plant to grow in the healthiest way. We will be keeping a close eye on the sunflowers we planted with Ian and Lewis – we can’t wait to see how tall they grow!


In RE we will learn about special journeys, or Pilgrimages, that different religions see as a sacred and integral part of their belief. We will look at these journeys they make and the trials and tribulations these may bring.


This term it’s all about becoming an active Citizen; focusing on becoming empathetic towards all others in our community and wider society, and understanding cultural diversity.


We still have expertise of Jessica Needham on Thursday afternoons. She will be taking the class a step further with their French language; learning about animals, hobbies and how to talk about the weather. Tres bon!


We are focussing on developing our word processing skills this term. We will word process some extracts from our English writing work, then email them over to our penpals to read and critique. Also we will learn how to video call our penpals. We will also be using the internet to research about the native tribes of the Amazon rainforest, as well as using software programmes to design packaging for our smoothies.

General Notes

Swimming is continuing every Thursday morning up until Thursday 8th June; so please ensure your child has the necessary kit each week.

Any questions, please come and find me and I will be happy to help.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Sarah Mcilwaine

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