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Class 1 Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2017

Dear Parents,

Outlined below is a summary of the areas of learning that the pupils in Class 1 will be covering this term. 

Our topic for this term is ‘Plop’ in which the children will be learning all about water. Whilst working on this topic the children will be developing their research skills by finding out about the uses of water, different types of water transport and animals that live in water. They will be studying maps to learn the names of the seas that surround the United Kingdom and learning to name and locate the five oceans of the world. They will learn about the water cycle and seasonal weather patterns and they will look at areas that have flooded around the United Kingdom and the damage that this causes. The children will study the weather and physical characteristics of Langton and the surrounding area and compare it to Ethiopia. They will study the problems with drought and what effect this has on the people and think about ways in which we can help.

In science, the children will learn about the life cycle of a frog and will be noticing daily the changes to our class frog spawn. They will study animals that live in the pond and the sea and find out why their habitat suits their needs. They will look for mini beasts and plants around school and in the leafy glade and find out about the habitats they live in. They will then make a habitat that will attract creatures that like damp conditions. The children will study simple food chains of animals that live in the water. They will have the opportunity to make and test boats and will test materials to see which are waterproof. In addition, we will continue our walks around Langton to observe and describe the weather, the plants, trees and wildlife in summer and notice how the length of day varies.

In their English work this term in addition to guided reading, phonics and grammar work, the children will learn to write stories based on traditional stories such as the Princess and the Frog.  They will also study an extended story such as ‘The House That Sailed Away.’  They will learn to write an explanation text of the life cycle of a frog and write a non-chronological report on the uses of water. They will learn to recite and perform poems about water and creatures that live in it.

In maths, the children will practise counting, ordering numbers and estimating. They will further develop their understanding and skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

They will have opportunities to measure and weigh , sort and classify 2d and 3d shapes according to their properties, read and write the time, work out fractions of shapes and numbers and collect and record data in a variety of ways,

In addition to regularly painting, drawing, printing and modelling during their free play the children make fish mobiles and create an undersea world for the outside role play area. They will look at Monet’s work and create pictures of pond and river scenes in a similar style. In music they will learn a repertoire of songs about water and the sea as well as exploring and using percussion instruments.

In RE this term, the children will be looking at religious buildings and finding out why they are important to the people that worship there. They will visit the church to look at and draw the features and artefacts in the building. They will also listen to Bible stories about the flood and famine.

P.E. – The children will be working outside and practising the skills needed for summer sports such as tennis, cricket and athletics. P.E. will be on a Monday and Tuesday; your child will need their P.E. kit and shoes for outdoor activities.

In computing the children will use word to practise their typing skills and will be researching the internet to find out information for their non- chronological report. They will also be designing water safety posters. To understand that programs work by following precise and unambiguous instructions they will be programming a Beebot.

In PSHE the theme for the first half- term is ‘Becoming an Active Citizen’ in which the children will learn to take part in discussions about ways in which we can protect the habitats of animals and plants and why it is important to do this. We will also have simple debates about issues such as why we should have rules at the swimming pool etc. During the second half of this term the theme is ‘Moving On’ in which the children will identify their strengths, areas for improvement and set themselves some goals for the year ahead.

If at any time you are anxious or have any questions please do not hesitate to either phone or call in to see me.

With Kind Regards,

Mrs Rosemary Laverack

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